DVRR Baby Gauge

The Widow Area

The lower entrances to the Widow Mine are located at 3500 feet above and 3 miles ENE of Badwater in Death Valley. The diggings extend far up the wash and into both sides. We'll begin the walk here at MP 3.7 and head toward today's Ryan.
Between the Widow and the Lizzy V. Oakey, the roadbed follows along the 3200 foot contour. Once you've made the 300 foot climb up from the access road the walk along the Baby Gauge is level to slightly downhill.
Washed out section of the balloon track at the Widow.
The southern entrance on this level is just above the hanging track.
The main wash is behind the fill that remains.
MP 3.7
Heading for the Lizzy V. Oakey, a look back shows the upper workings of the Widow above the balloon track switch and the large amount of fill used to create the loop and work area.
MP 3.6
Just before turning the corner to run along the slope of Furnace Creek Wash is this view of the three major levels of the Widow Mine.
MP 3.5
Just around the corner a mile and a half of the Baby Gauge can be seen.
Below to the left is the Lizzy V. Oakey.
Along the far slope the two lighter areas mark the junction of the mid and upper levels of the Baby Gauge, while the lowest level wends its way below.
MP 3.4
On the next sharp curve we found out how the Baby Gauge used its tie plates.
None of the rails sat on them, they were used as braces to keep the rails from spreading on the curves.
MP 3.1
Power and communication were needed at the mines.
Here three lines came up the steep slope from the Lizzy V. Oakey.
Being midway between the Grand View and theWidow, power may have been generated at this location.
Across the wash from the mine entrances and below the lowest level of the Baby Gauge is an area showing signs of several buildings.
The cut framed by the supports leads the Baby Gauge to the back of the Grand View Mine on the far hillside.
MP 3.1


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