DVRR Baby Gauge

The Lizzy V. Oakey

Most of the workings are below the upper line of the Baby Gauge. The middle level served the central portion and part of the southwest extension. The lowest level went by the building site and then out along the southwest shelf.
High above the Lizzy V., the upper line of the Baby Gauge makes a sweeping curve on a heavy rock fill.
At the center there is a lower culvert for the normal drainage.
Above that and visible in this shot is a pipe laid just under the tracks to quickly cary off any higher rising waters.
MP 3.0
After a short tangent along the
northern slope of the wash,
the tracks bend sharply to run towards the
middle canyon and the Grand View.
Just over the mountains
and a mile south is Dante's View and Badwater in Death Valley.
MP 3.0
A bit past the last curve, land slippage has dumped boulders and earth onto the tracks.
After every rain the tracks would have to be checked for obstructions - it's a long way down if you went over the side.
MP 2.9
Just before arriving at the bend for the middle canyon, there is a long fill which has subsided. Later rains will probably leave this section of track floating as are portions of the Widow Balloon and the front of Grand View.
MP 2.8
Looking down on the middle level.
Much of the fill that served as a
working surface has been eroded.
Some, if not all, of the entrances
had rails laid into the mine.
A yard appears to have been laid out
on the flat.
MP 3.0
The Lizzy V. Oakey's extension.
The middle level [2] and lower level [3] are well delineated.
Between, there is an ore car grade [A],
not served by the Baby Gauge.
The upper level [1], heading for
the Widow passes over the slope's top.
Coming from the upper level, there is an ore car 'run-out' and dump at the top.
MP 2.9
The ore car 'run-out' on the
top level of the Baby Gauge.
This dumped out onto the slope
above the southwestern extension
of the Lizzy V. Oakey.
Note the lighter colored tailings
in the shot above.
MP 3.2
The backside of the Lizzy V. Oakey
from the ore car 'run-out'.
3.3 miles of Baby Gauge track,
including all three levels,
can be traced on the hillsides.
MP 3.2


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