DVRR Baby Gauge

The Middle Canyon

This area provides access to the rear of the Grand View from the middle level of the Baby Gauge. All three levels join further north.
The Middle Canyon from the eastern side, about halfway between the Upper and Middle levels of the Baby Gauge.
A wide angle view from near this spot is shown in Myrick.
The 'back' entrance to the Grandview is the small hole at right center.
MP 2.8
Looking southwest along the middle level, the beginnings of yet another major washout are clear.
The tracks have been removed along this section and from the entire lower level of the Baby Gauge.
MP 2.7
Turning around, the bridge supports on the middle level show the effects of numerous water flows down the Middle Canyon's central wash.
Perhaps the next time, the supports will be missing and the bridge left hanging or swept down into the wash.
MP 2.7
Looking across the middle level's bridge into the partly collapsed southern portal of the Grand View Mine.
The tracks off to the left, go out along the slope. In a quarter of a mile, they meet the Baby Gauge's upper level coming down from the Widow Mine.
MP 2.6
Now following the middle level of the Baby Gauge, a full view of the Middle Canyon can be seen just before swinging around the hillside.
The wash developing at far right is the same one shown in the second image of this page.
MP 2.5
Here, the upper and middle levels of the Baby Gauge meet in a show of fancy rockwork.
The photo is taken from a removed 'safety spur' that led a short distance up the hillside.
Presumably this was to catch any runaways coming down the upper level's grade.
MP 2.4
Long since removed, this was the branching of the lower level from the main Baby Gauge track.
The headblock is still in place, but nearly all other signs of the switch are gone.
As with many areas along this section, rock falls cover the tracks.
MP 2.1
A last sweeping curve brings us around the promentory and we turn away from Furnace Creek Wash to head for the Grand View area.
MP 1.9


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