DVRR Baby Gauge

The Grand View Area

From this mine's entrance a 'grand view' of Furnace Creek Wash, all the way into Death Valley, can be had. This mine, while mostly underground, appears to cover the same total area as the Widow complex of 'mines'.
Descending from the promentary curve and cut, the first glimpse of Grand View's expanse is seen.
MP 1.6
These 'flats' are tailings filling a gentle slope in front of the mine's entrance.
The main line goes straight and the south leg of a Wye turns right.
The eastern leg is just visible at the top of the fill.
MP 1.5
From atop the mesa, the extent of the work area in front of the Grand View can be seen.
Just below the partly filled in trestle one of the many re-alignments of the Baby Gauge can be seen.
The smaller, whitish area just below the Grand View is part of the test borings done to determine the extent of the borate mineralization.
MP 0.3
At the north side of the tailings dump, erosion has left the Baby Gauge's main line suspended over a new wash.
MP 1.4
On the ridge between the Grand View and the twin trestles, this view shows the whole Grand View workings on the northwesterly facing slope.
MP 1.3
Just around the ridge's point is the sweeping curve of the trestle area.
The largest trestle
(shown in Myrick and Ghost #12)
is clearly seen.
The smaller is at far left center.
MP 1.2


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