DVRR Baby Gauge

The Trestle Area

Between Ryan and the Grand View Mine are two well built trestles. The smaller replaced a set of sharp curves to straighten the line across a medium gully.
The longest trestle on the Baby Gauge was built across a wide wash at Milepost 1.05.
Note the extra length between the edge of the wash and the first pier.
At the time of the cesation of operations it was partly filled in and work had been started on modifications or strengthening of the section designated to remain open for water flow.
Between the two trestles are several small to large culverts. This is typical of the better constructed sections.
Even so, when the flow is great enough, the water works at eroding the roadbed - upper right of the wash.
MP 0.9
The smaller of the two unfilled trestles.
Note that they used no interconnecting stringers on the sides.
The 'road' which seems to cross the tracks is the original alignment before the construction of this trestle.
MP 0.8
The Baby Gauge continues on right around the ridge beyond the small trestle. In the original alignment it then followed the slope to cross above the DVRR's southern Wye stub. After removal of the DVRR, the alignment was altered to run through one of the mine tunnels and then curved down into the Ryan building area.


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