Death Valley Railroad

Brill Railcar #5

Saturday Work Call on DVRR #5

May 18th, 2002


"The Barn" at Laws - Site of the Work Call

'Most every Saturday, members of the Owens Valley Railway Company show up to put in a few hours at 'hard labor'. It's a labor of love though, as it's the DVRR #5 Brill Railcar that calls for their attention.

Saturday, May 18th was no exception when Jim Pittman, Jim Morrow and Andy Pucio arrived for various projects on the car.

Among other tasks, the two Jims were working on the re-installation of the trailing truck's braking system. Andy was engaged in carving and fitting the wood backstops for the car's interior metal framework. Later, Jim P. would continue on spraying portions of the car's body and frame in black, as he had been doing earlier in the week.

One of the brake arm assemblies, primed for final painting in black.

Preparing the bolts, before lowering into place.

Holding in place, awaiting bolting.

Each bolt has a load bearing collar, so some lubricant is applied before seating.

A slotted nut is placed on the outside. Note the small hole for the locking cotter pin.

A yoked brace is next attached to the frame ...

... requiring a little persuasion in alignment ...

... and finally bolted to the brake actuator system with a little more 'help'.

Details of one side of the assembly.
The brake shoes will be mounted to the 'holder' that's now resting against the wheel.

One more to do ... !



Is she done yet ...
... there's the track ...
... can we take her out ???
Thanks Guys !

Meanwhile Andy's up in the baggage area carefully carving notches in small strips of wood. They're fillers for the side channels and need spaces cut out to clear the rivets of the siding.
These strips will be the receivers of the screws used to hold the interior panelling, passing through the channel's pre-drilled holes. The combination acts as a clamp on the channel, but doesn't directly attach to the metal.


The Owens Valley Railway Company's Newsletter - Read it!


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