Devar (New Ryan)

DVRR - Milepost 20.30 - Elevation 3040

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    Reference: TMR5424a
Collection: Mojave River Valley Museum
Description: Looking up from the south leg of the Wye to the loading bins, and the "Baby Gauge" (upper right).

Reference: THG0005a
Collection: H. P. Gower
Description: The Borate & Daggett RR's #2 (Francis) was moved to the DVRR for construction of the road. Shown on the Wye at Ryan.

Reference: TDC0022a
Collection: David T. Coons
Description: Overview from the southeast. The "Baby Gauge" enters right-center and runs to the top of the loading bins at center. The Wye is for the DVRR.

Reference: TDP0002a
Collection: D. A. Painter
Description: Looking easterly along the western stub (and car storage?) of the DVRR Wye. The Loading Bins are visible just left of center.

Reference: TBC0003a
Collection: D. A. Painter
Description: An early photograph looking into the heart of the DVRR Wye at Ryan. The Loading Bins are just visible at the right, while the mound of dirt at center was later levelled.

Reference: TBC0002a
Collection: U. S. Borax & Chemical Co.
Description: The "Baby Gauge" working the Ryan to Widow Mine extension of the DVRR.

Reference: TBC0003a
Collection: U. S. Borax & Chemical Co.
Description: Current open pit mine below the townsite of Ryan. There is another open pit operation at Boron in CA., west of Barstow.

Reference: TJH0001a
Collection: Joe Horton
Description: DVRR Ore cars #2 & 3 at the Loading Bins just north of Ryan.

Reference: TUP0005a
Collection: Union Pacific Railroad
Description: DVRR's #5 has brought three starlets to visit Ryan in a publicity move. Left to right, they are: Alma Kelly, Winnefred Jacobs and Betty Gilles. The 'mines' had been turned into a guest ranch in February, 1929. Posed on the transition from the western leg to the main line.

Reference: TUP0007a
Collection: Union Pacific Railroad
Description: The "Baby Gauge" hauls the Hollywood starlets and Director up toward the Widow Mine in February, 1929. The area was being touted as a new tourist locale.

Pages 1, 2, 3

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