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    Reference: TGE0004a
Collection: Elias Collection
Description: T&T Baggage Ticket and Receipt

Reference: TGE0005a
Collection: Elias Collection
Description: Banking Deposit Envelope
Labelled for both T&T and B.G. use.
"This Envelope is for the use of Agent or Conductor in remitting to Bank."

Reference: TGE0006a
Collection: Elias Collection
Description: Notification:
Arrival of Freight

Reference: TTC0002a
Collection: Courtesy of Tom Chapman
Description: Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad Freight Bill.
This old bill was issued from the Zabriskie, CA.
station on the T&T R.R., dated July 21, 1917
It was made out for what looks like a drum of
Lubricating Oil weighing 465 pounds.
The rate was $1.39 per CWT.
Total charge was $6.46.

Reference: WC-D0001
Collection: Willapa Collection
Description: Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad Company interest warrant of 4 1/2% interest on 400 worth of Debenture Stock from the 1908 reorganization of the T&T and BG Railroads.
Income Tax for the payout was withheld at 50%, resulting in an actual payment to the owner of 4, 10 Shillings for the half-yearly payment.
In 1944-45 Borax Consolidated, Ltd sold off 100,000 shares in U.S. Potash. The funds obtained were used to pay off all the remaining T&T R.C. debentures. This warrant may have been the last interest paid on the T&T.

Page 1

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