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July to October

Inyo Register, July 15, 1909T&T Supplies Tecopa RR

The Tonopah and Tidewater railroad company has sold to the Tecopa Consolidated Mines Co. the steel and material for building a thirteen-mile track to connect the great Inyo mine with the outside world. The cost of the road will be about $200,000. The output of silver-lead ores from the neighborhood is expected to reach 500 tons daily.

Inyo Register, July 15, 19091909 Great Flood - (A parody?)

"FAIRLY WELL DONE." - The Tonopah Bonanza perpetrates the following:

For the first time in history so far as anyone is able to learn, a terrible storm has swept Death Valley, leaving ruin and desolation in its wake.

Yesterday the news was received in Tonopah of the severest storm that has ever occurred in that region of utter desolation so far as vegetation and the such are conccrned [sic]. From what details could be learned, prospectors were racing for their lives to places of safety. Burros have been rendering the days and nights hideous with their pitiful wails and many have met death.

At this writing it is not known whether or not any lives have been lost, but it is generally supposed that many met a terrible fate in the roaring floods that caused Furnace creek to overflow its banks. Residents along the banks of that heretofore pacific stream have been robbed for their homes by the terrible torrent and reduced to destitution. There are absolutely no means of reaching them, and those who have not already perished have a horrible fate to face.

Railroad and telegraph communication has been completely cut off, and the situation is terible in the extreme. It is reported that a snowslide has leveled the greater portion of the Funeral range. Snowshoe Charlie, who has been carrying the mails from Skull creek to Pizen Switch, has not been heard from, and grave fears are entertained as to his safety.

Another report is to the effect that the floods have swollen the Amargosa river to such an extent that people are flocking from their homes which line its banks in terrible confusion. It is also a rumor that an excursion party from Bullfrog is lost, the boat having foundered in midstream.

Inyo Register, July 15, 19091909 Tax Assessments


The Tonopah and Tidewater assessment is $20,740. This does not include the assessment on the main track, to be set probably next week by the State Board.

Las Vegas Age, July 17, 1909Tecopa RR Costs $200,000

TECOPA MINE BUILDING SPUR TO RAILROAD - Within a very short time the thirteen miles of railroad from Tecopa on the Tonopah and Tidewater line, to the Tecopa mines, controlled by the Tecopa Consolidated Mines company, will be well underway with its construction.

Last week the Tonopah and Tidewater sold the mines company all the necessary steel and material, and work is to begin right away. The amount involved in the building of the line will approximate something over $200,000 but it is expected that within the shortest possible time the amount will be more than doubly repaid from the enormous output of silver-lead ores of that district which is expected to reach 500 tons daily.

Las Vegas Age, July 17, 1909Pioneer Express Absorbs B-B. Miner


Business conditions at Beatty and lack of interest on the part of subscribers are not such as to warrant the continuation of the publication of the Beatty - Bullfrog Miner, at the present time.

Those who have paid in advance for the Miner will receive the Pioneer Press until the expiration date of their subscriptions to the Miner. Should any prefer, the Rhyolite Herald will be sent to fill unexpired subscriptions, upon request.

Should conditions improve sufficiently the publication of the Miner will be resumed.

Trusting the above arrangements will prove satisfactory, and thanking all who have assisted the Miner by their sympathy and patronage, we bid you farewell. - Beatty - Bullfrog Miner.

Inyo Register, July 22, 1909Syndicate Surveys RR to Ely

"SHORT EASTERN ROUTE." - The newest variation of railroad stories comes to us as a statement reported to have been made by Superintendent Manson. He is quoted as saying that the standardized Nevada & California will swing easterly from Basalt through a low pass in the range and run to some eastern Nevada point, probably Ely. The copper center is connected with the main road by a 140 mile narrow gauge to Cobre, and standardizing that branch would be included in the plan. This would give the S.P. a route to Ogden almost as short as that of the Salt Lake & Los Angeles line. A survey has been underway for some time between Ely and Tonopah or vicinity, ostensibly as an independent proposition.

The same source is credited with saying that Mina will be off the map as a railroad town. Between there and Basalt is a distance of about 33 miles with no engineering difficulties to over come in standardizing the present narrow gauge. The talk quoted indicates an intention of abandoning that strip of line. This sounds more improbable than the rest of the story, because by maintaining it as a broad gauge track there is a north-and-south link in a Los Angeles and Portland line, with the prospective extensions in northeastern California.

The head of the syndicate which has been having surveys made between Ely and Goldfield is C.B. Zabriskie. The backing of the enterprise gives no color to any supposition that the Southern Pacific is interested in it in any way. If that company has in view a road eastward to Ely its preliminaries have been kept very quiet.

Inyo Independent, August 13, 1909DVJ Saloon Closes

"SUPERVISORS PROCEEDINGS." - [Meeting of Tuesday, August 10, 1909 at 10:00 o’clock A.M.]

By motion made and carried the License Collector was authorized to refund the $100.00 forfeit deposit by E. Beckman, who had recently gone out of the saloon business at Death Valley Junction.

Inyo Independent, September 24, 1909Cook & Hoff Cited

"BOARD OF SUPERVISORS." - A complaint having been made that Cook & Hoff of Death Valley Junction for not conducting their saloon according to the provisions of the ordinance, motion was carried that they be cited to appear before the Board on Wednesday, October 6th, at the hour of 10 o’clock A.M. and show cause if any that they have why their license should not be revoked.

Inyo Independent, October 8, 1909Cook & Hoff Witnesses Testify

Quite a number of people were here from Death Valley Junction during the week, called here to appear before the Supervisors anent the liquor traffic carried on at that place.

Rhyolite Herald, October 14, 1909John Cook Travels

John S. Cook, the banker, passed through Rhyolite yesterday over the T. & T. en route from Los Angeles to Goldfield.

Inyo Independent, October 15, 1909DV Bridge Wanted

"SUPERVISORS PROCEEDINGS." - [Meeting held Tuesday, October 5th, 1909 at 10:00 o’clock A.M.]

A letter from E.R. Stockton, of Tecopa, Cal., asking the Board to construct a bridge in the Death Valley region. Motion carried that the matter be referred to Supervisor Reynolds of the 5th District for investigation.

Las Vegas Age, October 16, 1909John Ryan Injured


Antioch, Cal., Oct. 12 - John Ryan, manager of the Tonopah and Tidewater railroad with headquarters at Ludlow, Cal., fell from his private car at Oakley, a few miles from here, tonight and broke his right arm and leg. Ryan had just stepped out on the front platform and the vestibule being opened in some manner he fell to the ground. The train was stopped and the injured man taken to Oakland for treatment.

Inyo Register, October 22, 1909Cook & Hoff Hearing - Part 1

"BOARD OF SUPERVISORS." - [Meeting of October 6, 1909 - 9 o’clock a.m]

The Board of Supervisors of the County of Inyo, State of California, met at the above stated time pursuant to adjournment. All members being present. ...

At this time the matter of investigating the manner in which Cook & Hoff’s saloon at Death Valley was being conducted, was taken up. Frank C. Scherrer appearing as counsel for the complaining witness, and Ben. H. Yandell, Esq., appearing as counsel for Cook & Hoff. At this time Ben. H. Yandell objects to the taking of any testimony on the ground that the citation served did not state the nature of the alleded [sic] violation. Motion made and carried that the hearing proceed.

F.F. McElroy and A.T. Donevan [sic] were sworn in as witnesses for the complainant. At the request of Ben. H. Yandell witness not under examination were excluded from the room. F.F. McElroy was examined by Attorney Scherrer and cross-examined by Attorney Yandell. Witness A.T. Donevan [sic] was examined by Attorney Scherrer and cross-examined by Attorney Yandell. By motion made and carried the hearing was postponed until 2 o’clock P.M. ...

It being the noon hour an adjournment was taken until 1 o’clock p.m. at which time the Board reconvened with all members present. ...

Motion was made that the hearing of the saloon case of Hoff & Cook be continued until Oct. 7th, 1909, at 10 o’clock A.M. Objected to by Mr. Yandell on the ground that a continuance would cause the party under citation, additional delay and expense, and that no showing had been made warranting the continuance asked for. Motion carried.

Inyo Register, October 22, 1909Cook & Hoff Hearing - Part 2

"BOARD OF SUPERVISORS." - [Meeting of October 7, 1909 - 9 o’clock a.m]

The Board of Supervisors of the County of Inyo, State of California, met at the above stated time pursuant to adjournment. All members being present. ...

At this time further testimony was taken in regard to the Mann in which Hoff & Cook were conducting their saloon at Death Valley Junction. Ralph Sweet the complaining witness was sworn, examined by District Attorney Scherrer and cross-examined by Attorney Yandell. Attorney Yandell moves that the proceeding be dismissed, on the ground that sufficient evidence had not been produced. Motion objected to by the District Attorney. Motion made and carried that the hearing proceed, to which Attorney Yandell takes an exception.

Attorney Yandell asks that the hearing be continued until the next regular meeting of the Board, in order to give Hoff & Cook time in which to procure witnesses. Objected to by District Attorney Scherrer. Motion made and carried that the continuance asked for be denied.

Nels Hoff of Hoff & Cook, sworn and examined by Attorney Yandell and cross-examined by Attorney Scherrer. Motion renewed by Attorney Yandell to have the hearing continued until the next regular meeting of the Board. Motion made by S.H. Reynolds that the matter be continued until the next regular meeting of the Board. No second to motion. Moved by N.J. Cooley and seconded by J.C. Anton that the motion be denied. Motion carried by the following vote:

Ayes: N.J. Cooley, J.A. McBride, J.C. Anton, James Jones.

Noes: S.H. Reynolds.

Motion made and carried that the hearing of the above saloon matter be continued until 1 o’clock p.m. ...

It being the noon hour an adjournment was taken until 1 o’clock p.m. at which time the Board reconvened with all members present. ...

At this time the Hoff & Coak [sic] saloon matter was taken up.

Motion was made by S.H. Reynolds and seconded by J.C. Anton that the $100 deposit made with Tax Collector by Hoff & Cook should not be declared forfeited. Motion carried by the following vote:

Ayes: S.H. Reynolds, J.C. Anton and James Jones.

Noes: N.J. Cooley and J.A. McBride.

By Motion made and carried the following order was made by the Board:

Hoff & Cook of Death Valley Junction, Inyo County, California, having heretofore been cited to appear and show cause why their permit and license to sell intoxicating liquor heretofore issued to tham [sic] by this Board should not be revoked; the matter coming on regularily for hearing Hoff & Cook appearing in person and by their counsel Ben H. Yandell Esq., and District Attorney F.C. Scherrer appearing for the complaining witness, Ralph W. Sweet, F.F. McElrey [sic] and A.T. Donovan were sworn on behalf of the complainant and the People and Nels Hoff on behalf of the defendants.

The Board after hearing the sworn testimony of the witnesses now finds; That said Hoff & Cook violated the provisions of Section 5, subdivision 2 of Ordinance No. 97 and amendments thereto governing the sale of intoxicating liquor in this County, in this to-wit: selling liquor to minors under the age of 18 years, selling liquor to persons already under the influence thereof, and subdivision 5 thereof by allowing a woman and women to frequent the premises described in said permit and to loiter therein and thereon. And the Board further finds that said Hattie Cook one of the members of the firm Hoff & Cook is a woman, that she tends bar, shakes dice, drinks liquors and becomes intoxicated in said premises; that said Hattie Cook is not a fit, proper or suitable person to be engaged in the selling of intoxicating liquor in Inyo County, California; From the foregoing findings it is ordered and adjudged and this does order and adjuge [sic] that the permit and license to sell intoxicating liquors heretofore issued to said Hoff & Cook on the 7th day of July, 1909 be and the same is hereby revoked and the same declared null and void and of no further force or effect.

It having come to the knowledge of the Board of Supervisors that parties at Greenwater and Death Valley Junction are selling intoxicating liquor and running saloons without license, motion was made and carried instructing the District Attorney to investigate the matter and prosecute and all parties violating the provisions of Ordinance No. 97 and amendments thereto. ...

Motion was made and carried that the License Collector refund to Hoff & Cook the sum of $100.00 forfeit which had been deposited by them.

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