A look into the Gunsight Mine

Level 3 - Tecopa Consolidated Mines:

Levels 1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b

Looking far down the mountain from Level 1, the Tecopa Consolidated Mining Company's Ore Bins can be seen as well as the cut where their adit begins.

This is a much larger and more solid bore for the most part. Ores were brought out here by mine car and dumped into the bins.

Below the bins was a funicular which transported the ores down to a loading bin for emptying into the gondolas of the Tecopa Railroad.

TCMC Ore Bins

TCMC's Ore Bins
and the entrance to
their adit at bottom center.


? ? ? ? ? ?

At several places inside the adit are small sections like this. Can you guess their purpose?

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Daniel Brookman wrote, "I think it was where a candle was."

Niche for Candle

To Level 2

To the left of the first Wye is the main shaft connecting the upper levels with Level 3.

Note the bracing of the ladder and the pipe to the right.

Shaft and Ladder
access to Level 2.


2nd Wye

Returning to the first Wye and going down the right branch we come to another Wye.

To the left of the image is the exit, ahead is the Machinery Room and Main Shaft to Level 4.

The second Wye
looking into the
Machinery Room.


Just inside the Machinery Room on a bench at the left are the remains of the steam powered drum winch used to bring the ores up from Level 4.

Note the asbestos brake band and the asbestos sleeve on the steam pipe overhead.

Level 3 Winch

Remains of the
Level 3 Winch


Right Sde of Winch

On the right side, the bearings which held the cable drum and its large gear can be seen.

Between the twin flywheels at the rear is a smaller gear used to power the drum.

Details of the
Level3 Winch


Across from the winch area is the large timbered 60 Main Shaft down to Level 4.

Side diggings are evident along most of the viewable descent.

The lift car would be hauled up and emptied into waiting ore cars through an overhead opening.

Shaft to Level 4

Deep Timbered Shaft
and ore car rails
down to Level 4.



Due to diggings off the shaft to Level 4, the floor in the gallery has dropped away.

This leaves the rails for the ore cars 'hanging around'.

Small adits are behind this location as offshoots of the orebody were sought.

Collapsed floor
in large gallery
beside Machine Room.


Returning to the Wye we find several chutes for the ores coming from Level 2.

The car would be positioned under the chute, then a barrier in the chute would be raised, allowing the ores to fill the car.

Level 3 Chute

Chute and Barrier
on Level 3.


Several shots of the construction needed for these are shown below.

Chute Construction 1 <-- Chute from near vertical shaft
45 chute (left to right) -->
Chute Construction 2
Chute Construction 3 <--In side tunnel. Barrier left open.
Details of large chute -->
Chute Construction 4

On the way out, between the 1st and 2nd Wye is this sharp bend. The walls had to be chopped away on the inside in order to get the winch around the corner.

At several locations in the tunnel, the shoring timbers have small cutouts or have been reduced in thickness.

All this effort was made necessary by the width of the bed of the winch in its passage down to the Level 3-4 Shaft location.

Sharp Curves

Tight curve
on Level 3.



Levels 1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b

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