A look into the Gunsight Mine

Level 4 - Tecopa Consolidated Mines:
Part One

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Gunsight Area

The entrance to Level 4 of the Gunsight Mine is located quite some distance around the mountain to the South-East of Level 3's entrance and about 120 feet (40m) lower. In this wide view, the Gunsight Ore Bins can be seen at the far left center. On the right, just below the notch are the tailing piles from Level Four. Telephone wires and power were brought across the intervening slope - some of the poles are still in place.


To reach the entrance, we descend from Level 3 down to the remains of the Tecopa Railroad's Loading Bin, and walk along the roadbed.

At the first washout, the way turns left and up along the slight remains of a road

Roadbed and Wash

The TCM's roadbed below
the Loading Bins and the
truck road up to Level Four.


Up to Level 4

Some distance up the wash the road turns off and begins to climb up to the tailings. It's hard to picture trucks using this 'trail'.

The road goes quite far in along the side of the wash lying between this point and the tailings, to a point where a large fill makes it possible to cross and continue on to the entrance.

Old truck road to Level 4.

Once at the level of the tailings just a few bits of the operation remain today.

One of the more important lies on its side, drying in the sun.

The Loo

"Modern" convenience.

The Loo

After the climb up the wash and the rough road, it's nice to have a look back along the way. From this open area the roadbed, Tecopa Hot Springs (upper left-center) and the town of Shoshone (upper right) can be seen. Tecopa is hidden by the ridge at mid-left.

From Level 4 back across
the Amargosa Valley.


Time to go in and visit the last easily accessable part of the Gunsight Mine. There's more overburden here than on Level 3 and the entrance is much more narrow.

All of this area would have been worked after the interruption of World War I and the removal of the Tecopa Railroad.

There are several other openings much higher on the slope, perhaps made in an attempt to connect with the other levels, or in following other outcroppings.

Level Four's entrance.

Part way in.

The front part of the tunnel is without ties until about half way to the first branching.

Note the wire hanging on the right - more about that a bit later.

Ties in the adit.

Up to another level

A bit further in and one of several upward shafts - crawl spaces, really - are passed. This one looks to have been part of a natural crevice that was utilized as a means of accessing Level 3 or one of the other adits from above Level 4's entrance.

Planks and ladders leading upwards.

First Branching

About two thirds of the way along the tunnel from the entrance lies this branching with heavy timber supports at the widening of the tunnel.

As all the rails and ties have been removed from the right adit, this appears to be from the original workings and at some time was no longer needed.

First Junction.

It does, however, continue straight on for some distance.

Just after the junction, proceeding down this original adit, lies the remains of a cardboard carton of dynamite.

Trojan Dynamite

Part Two

Levels 1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b

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