Revisiting the Tecopa Railroad

I - Noonday Mine to the Wye:

Part 1

The mine workings occupied most of the north-western slope of the mountainside.

Noonday Mine

Tailings and hillside trails
at Noonday Mine


Noonday shaft

The main working shaft had a 45 timber braced entrance.

Main shaft entrance
at Noonday Mine


Above the shaft's opening was a large headframe, with a drum winch placed on a shelf cut just above the shaft and headframe.

Headframe's footings

Remains of the
headframe's footings


Noonday Ore Bin

The mine cars/buckets would be brought out of the shaft and run out to dump into the three story ore bin, using a long chute.

Noonday Ore Bin from the
top of the Funicular


A secondary entrance was located to the south of the ore bin. These are the only entrances which today show signs of having used ore cars.

South mine entrance

Mine entrance south of
the Noonday Ore Bin


Berm and timbers

This southern secondary entrance had a small trestle over which the ore cars could be emptied into the bin.

Berm and timbers from
ore car trestle at
Noonday Mine


Several other entrances had been in use before the implementation of the dual car funicular. One such, just to the north, is in a large crack in the rocks replete with shoring timbers. Nearby is a section in which the roof of the mine has collapsed.

Original entrance

Timber braced crevice
entrance into the
Noonday Mine


Cable wheel

When the train arrived, car at the top of the funicular would be filled with ore from the bins, the cable wheel's brake holding the car in position would be released and its weight would cause it to descend the steep upper slope of the funicular.

Cable wheel and
brake system at base
of Noonday Ore Bin


In doing so, it would pull up the empty car as they were joined by a 1" cable.

Noonday Funicular

Noonday Funicular
from top of Ore Bin


30 chute

Upon reaching the base, the full car would unload its cargo down a metal covered wooden chute. The chute had an approximate 30 angle diverter at its end, as the funicular was not perpendicular to the railroad tracks.

In the bottom of the wash adjacent to the tracks were the tanks for water and fuel and the animal pens.

30 chute at base of
Noonday Funicular


Across from the mine on the first low ridge to the north was the mine office and other company buildings. Individual miners built their 'homes' wherever flat, hopefully always dry space permitted.

Miner's Shack

Miner's Shack
just below Noonday
Mine Office location



Part Two


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