Revisiting the Tecopa Railroad

I - Noonday Mine to the Wye:

Part 2

With the train's gondolas full, we begin the downward trek passing the safety spur and 'bumpers' to our left. The roadbed was covered over by tailings from later operations of the Columbia Mine about 1/3 mile below the Noonday's loading area.

Down from Noonday Mine

Roadbed leading down
from Noonday Mine
to Columbia Mine


Columbia Mine shaft

At Columbia the main shaft was through hard rock and was unbraced. Above this entrance stood a headframe similar to the one at the Noonday Mine.

Main shaft entrance
to Columbia Mine


The location for the drum winch was again above the shaft and back along the hillside.

Mine winch

Columbia Mine winch

Diesel Engine

South of the shaft and winch is a large equipment area containing the engine for power generation.

Diesel Engine at
the Columbia Mine


Water and fuel tanks and other buildings were located cleared area. Perhaps much of the Noonday's equipment was moved to this location.

Equipment area

Columbia Mine equipment area

South-westerly curve

Passing the tailings of the Columbia Mine, the roadbed swings west and then enters a long south-westerly curve to join onto what is now Furnace Creek Road.

Top of the long
south-westerly curve between
Columbia Mine and FCR


There are a few fills and several cuts along this section. Surprisingly, there are only two washouts, this one is at about Milepost 8.7. The roadbed does show signs where others will occur.

Details of curve

Details of lower curve
near major washout


Snaking downgrade

About Milepost 8.2, the Tecopa Railroad's roadbed merges into the current Furnace Creek Road and snakes its way downgrade through long "S" bends.

Roadbed to junction
with FCR and then
snaking downgrade


After 1.1 miles along the combined roadbed - Furnace Creek Road, at about Milepost 7.1, the paved road soon straightens out for the long run down to Old Spanish Trail Highway with the roadbed departing to the right.

Milepost 7.1

Milepost 7.
Division of roadbed
and road


Curving North-east

The Tecopa's roadbed now swings in to run along the higher slopes to maintain grade and then turns back across a long curved fill with a deep washout in the center.

Curving North-east
along slopes of the
Nopah Range



Part Three


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