Revisiting the Tecopa Railroad

I - Noonday Mine to the Wye:

Part 3

At the end of the fill, the roadbed passes close to several mines up a small canyon to the east.

Side canyon mine

One of several
small mines up a
side canyon


Cut at MP 6.4

Finally the roadbed straightens out and makes a long run downhill sweeping around the western base of the Nopah Range before turning north-easterly heading down to the Wye.

Cut in western edge
of Nopah Range


Just before passing through the cut at Milepost 6.4, the roadbed has been washed out by drainage from the slopes of the Nopah Range to the east.

Approaching the cut

Approaching the cut
at Milepost 6.4



It isn't until you reach the washouts that the size of the fills necessary to maintain the grade really becomes apparent.

Washout at Milepost 6.4

Ties in place

Between this cut at the foot of the western edge of the Nopah Range and the turn north down to the Wye, most of the ties are still in place..

Ties still in place
about Milepost 6.0


Down towards Wye

About Milepost 5.8 a graded dirt road from Furnace Creek Road joins the Tecopa's roadbed. Both continue on a long north-east curve.

Scraped roadbed
down towards Wye


Just after straightening out again, the road/roadbed dips sharply down to the Wye. This section may have been the steepest grade on the whole railroad.

Most of the roadbed down to here has averaged 4% grades, with some sections going to 6% plus. At this point the grade appears to be close to 8% for a short distance of about 0.2 miles.

Towards Gunsight Mine

Downhill to Wye
with roadbed towards
Gunsight Mine


NE of Wye switch

Just past the south-western switch to head downhill to Tecopa, this section of the Wye leads towards the Gunsight Mine. At mid-left is a fill for the roadbed heading downhill.

On Gunsight Spur
just NE of
Wye switch point


Most of the south-eastern and western legs of the Wye are on fills. This is from about the middle of the western leg near Milepost 5.3.

Western leg of Wye

Western leg of Wye


Midway along the south-eastern leg of the Wye is one of the few wooden culverts still in place - but for how much longer?

Wooden culvert
in south-eastern leg
of Wye



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