Revisiting the Tecopa Railroad

II - Gunsight Mine to the Wye:

Part 1

Jumping about 2 miles to the north-east we find the end of this section of the roadbed just below the upper TCM Ore Bins for the Gunsight Mine.

The top of these are situated such that ore cars coming out of the 3rd Level of the mine can be dumped into the open tops.

Upper Ore Bin

Gunsight Mine
upper Ore Bin
side view


Side canyon mine

Several claims and older mines dot the area around the Gunsight's main workings. These were all part of the 'package' put together by Jonas Osborne in the late 1870's.

On one neighboring slope alone there are 11 visible diggings and tailings.


Side canyon mine
near the Gunsight


Pilings and wreckage

As with the Noonday Mine, a dual car funicular was in operation to bring the ores down from the horizontal tunnel driven deep into the mountain to a loading area for the train. As large wash had to be crossed, this Funicular was built on a rock sided berm running out onto higher pilings, much like a trestle.

Pilings and wreckage
of Gunsight Funicular


Dual Ore Bins

Unlike the Noonday, there was a dual ore bin at the top of the slope and a second 'loading' ore bin at the end of track.

Dual Ore Bins at
Upper Gunsight


Chutes were in place on both sides of the 'loading' bin and the tracks were laid on both sides. This bin has collapsed onto the eastern track's location.

Lower Ore Bin

Lower Gunsight Ore Bin
- collapsed


Gunsight Mine area

Once loaded, the train would head downhill towards the Wye and Tecopa.

Gunsight Mine area
from roadbed
below loading area



Part Two


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