Revisiting the Tecopa Railroad

II - Gunsight Mine to the Wye:

Part 2

The downhill journey would require passing through a series of cuts and fills as well as over several trestles.

Cuts, Fills and Curves

Cuts, Fills and curves
descending from
the Gunsight Mine


Rock faced berm

One trestle, at Milepost 1.2, had a spectacular rock faced fill to the point where the trestle began. Using the readily available rocks in a 4' high retaining wall reduced the amount of fill necessary to extend out further and shortened the length of the timbered trestle.

Details of
rock faced berm
run-up to trestle


The roadbed then passed through a deep curved cut ...

Curved cut

Entrance of curved cut
with Tecopa in background


Exit of cut to trestle

and out onto another long trestle.

Exit of cut to trestle
at Milepost 1.0
on the Gunsight Spur


Finally, crossing this last large trestle, the roadbed somewhat straightened out and continued down to the Wye.

Remains of Trestle

Remains of trestle
and its NE berm
into cut


Wash at Milepost 0.2

Fills with culverts or small trestles passed the roadbed over the remaining washes and allowed it to finally reach the Wye.

Berm and Wash
at Milepost 0.2
on the Gunsight Spur


With the steep slopes of the Nopah range to the south-east, most of the fills along this section appear to be built on a rock base.

Rock base to fill

Rock base
to fill at wash



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