Revisiting the Tecopa Railroad

IV. Mid-Curve to Spanish Trail Hiway:

After the 1.3 mile straight run downhill, it's finally time to cross the large wash and head for Tecopa.

View across long curve

View across
long curve
from southern end


Upper berm from across the washout mid-curve

Just as the roadbed straightens out there is a large washout, probably from a collapsed trestle, marked by a solitary post in the eastern berm.

All of the drainage from the central Wye area funnels through this narrow point.

Upper berm
from across the
mid-curve washout


After completing the long turn to the west, the roadbed runs gently down the slopes for about a mile ..

Through a small cut

Through a small cut
and on to Tecopa


Approaching the transition

before bending northwest to the crossing of the Old Spanish Trail Highway at a point just west of the Tecopa dump.

The grade in this section is 'only' about 2%.

the transition
towards O.S.T.


Disappearing roadbed

This area is essentially featureless with just a couple of small cuts with the roadbed resting a foot or so above the desert floor. Both the roadbed and the surrounding ground are soft, making walking difficult.

Disappearing roadbed


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