Revisiting the Tecopa Railroad

V. Spanish Trail Highway to Tecopa:

On both sides of its crossing with the Old Spanish Trail the roadbed has been reduced to a spread out, rough gravel area.

Crossing of O.S.T.

Tecopa Railroad's roadbed
at the crossing of
the O.S.T.


Upgrade at Milepost 1.2

After passing through a small cut and across a long berm ...

Upgrade at
Milepost 1.2


Downgrade from Milepost 1.4

the roadbed again bends west and begins a more rapid descent into the Tecopa Station area. At Milepost 1.1 the current Old Spanish Trail Highway covers the route of the tracks.

Downgrade from
Milepost 1.4


Tecopa Station area

The old roadbed went through the copse of trees at the current triangle road junction, bending north to join onto the siding of the T&T in front of the station area. Area residents say the trees in the triangle were planted in the 1960's.

Tecopa Station area and Junction with the T&T

The land north-west of the triangle contains the sites of the T&T Station, the Agent's house and Frank Green's house. The foundations or pads have all been located in the brush, as well as some ties indicating the mainline and sidings

See Frank Green's photograph - TWH0061a .

From atop a small hill just south of Tecopa Station, a possible location of the division yards is found in the open flats.

There is a water source and windmill stand just at the far center as well as other old dwellings in the trees at mid left. Somewhere in this area the T&T, Tecopa RR, or both had a large water tank.

Tecopa and yards

Tecopa and yards (?)
from the TCM Mill hill


Mill site

Just east of the T&T's roadbed, is a vantage point to see the remains of the concentrating mill used by the Tecopa Consolidated Mining Company.

The uppermost 'structure' is a large cement water tank.

Tecopa Consolidated Mining's
Mill site


This hillside is where Frank Green stood to take a photograph of the morning train to Beatty while passing the TCM mill.

T&T train & TCM Mill

T&T north bound train
passing TCM Mill
south of Tecopa


Amargosa Canyon & T&T roadbed

Upon turning around, a magnificent view can be seen of the Upper Amargosa Canyon with the T&T's R.O.W. along the eastern side and on down through the Red Cut.

Down into the
Amargosa Canyon
along the T&T roadbed



But that's part of the T&T's story and the Amargosa Canyon Walk.


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