The Tecopa RR Wreck of July 7th, 1913

"Tonopah Daily Bonanza" -- July 8th, 1913


Engineer On Tecopa Killed In Runaway

Could Not Hold Back Locomotive On Grade To Lead Mines.
A locomotive engineer employed by the Tecopa mines let his engine get way from him yesterday morning and lost his life. The fireman jumped in time and broke his ankle.
The engineer, Despain, was a new man and had had little experience but he told Superintendent Gottschalk that he could run the engine all right, so he was placed in charge and pulled out from Tecopa for the Noonday mine of the company. On the grade before the mine is reached, the engine got away from Despain. He told the fireman and asked what to do. "Jump" was the reply, but Despain thought he would stick to the engine and told the fireman to jump himself, which the latter did.
The engine jumped at a turn, turning over three times and killed Despain instantly. He was a married man and leave (sic) a wife and five children at The Needles -- Goldfield Tribune
Though the article indicated the accident happened on the way -to- the mine, the reverse is evidently the case. The tracks in a recently identified photograph show damage -upgrade- from the locomotive. One or two loaded Gondolas would have been behind the locomotive, pushing her downhill on one of the steepest sections of the Noonday Branch. See: Ghost#17   - jamc
Tonopah Daily Bonanza - July 8th, 1913
Courtesy of the Central Nevada Historical Society
Newspaper photo by John A. McCulloch


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